My Review of the Olympus 300mm f/4 IS PRO LENS
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Saturday, April 09, 2016
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CONCLUSION:  So to wrap up this review, we gave the Olympus 300mm f/4 IS PRO series lens a 45.5/50 and our highly recommended rating.

THE FINAL WORD:  If you’re into safari, sports or bird photography or if you happen to work for say National Geographic AND you’re a Micro 4/3rds shooter with the budget, then the 300mm f/4 IS PRO lens is a really great option that’s much easier to handle than full frame offerings from the likes of both Canon and Nikon - this is not to say the 300 from Olympus is either small or inexpensive - in fact it’s quite clearly neither, but what it is is a relatively light weight and good value lens that offers amazing, professional quality results - especially if your photography entails shooting far away things - this would be great if you’re a parent that has a child who plays a sport, or if you’re into going to the park and getting some great bird photography or if you happen to have an upcoming safari in say Kenya…  It’s literally like taking pictures with a high powered telescope attached to your camera, it’s just stunning…

This is Darren Miles, with Darren Miles Photography based here in beautiful, sunny, BONITA SPRINGS, FL…  If you like these reviews, please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!  Thank you so much for watching and until the next time, happy shooting! 

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Darren Miles - Dean,

Thank you for your note - I couldn't agree with you more, that said, my biggest issue with the 300 wasn't it's build, price or optics, it was really the fussy autofocus and my point about price was only relative to other M43 lenses as - so far as I am aware - the 300 is the most expensive native M43 lens in the marketplace.

This is NOT to say the 300 isn't a good deal or isn't worth it. Most M43 photographers aren't professionals, and spending $2,500 on a lens for a casual user is definitely on the high side...

In case you haven't noticed, I am a huge fan of Olympus - HUGE - but sometimes I wonder how big a market is for a specific product, I admire them for trying to carve out niches and for making stellar products, but I'd prefer to see more high end primes with wider (f/1.2 e.g.) apertures...


PS - BTW, I wasn't even aware of the Arca Swiss foot - as I don't use Arca Swiss gear so it didn't even occur to me, thanks for the mention.
Dean Swartz - Darren -- I love your reviews; some of the best on the Internet. However, with the Oly 300mm Pro, you seem to have missed the point. Have you ever carried a Nikon/Canon 600mm f4? Ever tried to lug one up a mountain path or through waist-deep snow? Or carry one on an airplane? If not, you have no idea how wonderful the Oly 300mm Pro is. Image quality rivals the "Nikanon" lenses, you can slip it comfortably into your backpack, and it costs a fraction of those other "big guns." So, for you to downgrade its score because it's "heavy" or "big" or "expensive" for a MFT lens is simply not fair! Plus, you failed to give it credit for the ingenious incorporation of an "Arca Swiss" compatible foot (something that costs an extra hundred bucks for a replacement foot for the Nikanons) and the built-in lens hood that is simply fantastic. Plus, with the fantastic 1.4x teleconverter the 300mm f4 becomes an 840 f5.6! For less than $3,000 the Oly combo is an outrageous savings compared to spending $16,000+ for the Nikon 800mm f5.6.

The Oly 300mm f4 Pro deserves a score of nothing less than a 49 and probably a 50!

Keep those fantastic and entertaining reviews coming! (And, consider revising your score on the Oly 300mm?)